Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a kind of hosting wherein the account holder can use his/her allotted disk space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. The account holders can be called as resellers. With reseller hosting, the resellers have the freedom to create their own hosting plans and choose their own pricing structure. A reseller can rent a server from any hosting company and resell the space to the third parties possible for a profit. Here in this type of hosting, the hosting provider itself will take care of all technical problems and the reseller just needs to communicate with the customers. Nowadays most reseller hosting plans come with all the necessary tools that can make a webmaster into a successful reseller organization. Since you do not own the organization, you don’t need to worry as all the bandwidth, hardware and software issues are handled by the web hosting company.

If you are in need of simple web hosting service for your site and would like to go with the one that can design as well as program your site, then the reseller hosting can be the better choice for your requirements. In case, if you have a large business or ecommerce site with large amount of traffic, then reseller hosting is probably not be sufficient. In order to promote their sales and to earn profit, most of the web hosting companies provides reseller hosting. With reseller hosting plans, the customers can able to receive more services and features than with the plans from real hosts. With the use of various value added services, the reseller hosting can provide programming and web designing services that are not at all possible with the real web hosting providers.

As far as the reseller hosting is concerned, it can be classified into two types. In the first type, the reseller joins hands with the hosting provider in order to resell their services for getting profits. Here in this type, the customers would feel that they are getting the service from the hosting company itself. The other type of reseller hosting service that is available in the market is the private label reseller. In this type, the services of the web host can be resold by the reseller and thus it indicates that the reseller is offering his/her own service to the customers. Therefore in a short statement, the reseller hosting is suitable for the people those who want to start new business.